Add-Ons (Concentrated Boosters give you the power to customize Dermalogica products)

All skin conditions. A super-concentrated Hyaluronic Acid fluid that gives skin a “drink” to improve hydration and elasticity. Allow 10 minutes $10.00
For sensitized skin. Concentrated, healing Red Raspberry Extract joins moisture-binding Honey to help skin recover from daily stress, irritation and redness. Allow 10 minutes. $10.00
For dry or prematurely-aging skin. A light fluid that creates a firming net over skin to visibly energize, lift and smooth fine lines. Allow 10 minutes. $10.00
For dry or prematurely-aging skin. A smoothing exfoliation concentrate that stimulates cell renewal, exfoliates dead skin cells and improves skin texture. Allow 10 minutes. $10.00
For all skin conditions. Mix this SPF booster into any moisturizer or makeup to create a daylight defense! Or, use alone for full SPF 50 UV protection.Allow 10 minutes. $10.00
For breakouts. This 5% Benzoyl Peroxide concentrate eliminates bacteria while accelerating breakout clearing. Allow 10 minutes. $10.00
Skillful and rapid stimulant that helps increase circulation of the blood to alleviate and eliminate bacteria that causes acne. This treatment also aids in absorption of products. Allow 15 minutes. $20.00
Effective product and manipulation therapy to nourish the scalp and stimulate blood circulation. May relieve tightness due to headache or tensed neck. Excellent way to finish face and body therapy treatment.Allow 15 minutes. $20.00
Excellent eye intensifier. Must be clean before arrival for longer lasting color. Great before holidays and those special occasions. Combine eyelash and eyebrow tinting on the same day service and save $5.00. Allow 15 minutes. $20.00
For dry or prematurely-aging skin. This ultra-rich cream restores critical moisture to smooth fine dehydration lines.Allow 15 minutes. $20.00
For allergenic eyes. A firming treatment fluid to help recover irritated, puffiness around the delicate eye area. Allow 15 minutes. $20.00
Full lip exfoliation and hydration indulgent to revitalize, smooth lips, and protect. Plus take home your free lip quencher with this first time treatment. Allow 10 minutes. $15.00
Combine this relaxing and therapeutic treatment to any facial or body treatment. These stones (made up of mineral rich volcanic material) are used hot or cold to trigger points of your choice, such as feet, legs, back, arms, neck, and face. Revives fatigued muscle and balances the body. Enhance therapeutic relaxation,increasing blood circulation in the lymphatic, and decreasing stress. This allows the face,body, mind, and spirit to reenergize. Allow 20 minutes. $30.00